Punk 2017

The Real Cost, New York.

barcelona punk hardcore d-beat freedonia

Barcelona, Barcelona.

Ladrón (hardcore punk from south Florida) playing in Tallahassee

Ladrón, Tallahassee.

Nurse playing in Atlanta at Eyedrum

Nurse, Atlanta.

Security (boston hardcore) playing at hardcore stadium

Security, Boston.

Penetrode playing in Philadelphia at Lava Space

Penetrode, Philadelphia.

Photography of Krimewatch (a punk band from New York City) playing in the venue Don Pedro's in Brooklyn

Krimewatch, New York.

Lysol (garage punk band from Seattle) playing in a live show

Lysol, Seattle.

Exotica @ K-Town Hardcore Fest

Exotica, Copenhagen.

Una Bèstia Incontrolable @ Rock & Trini

Una Bèstia Incontrolable, Barcelona.

The Flex playing at Wharf Chambers, Leeds

The Flex, Leeds.

Cheap Surgery @ Temple Of Boom, Leeds

Cheap Surgery, Leeds.

Bad Manifest @ Wharf Chambers, Leeds

Bad Manifest, Leeds.

Vile Spirit (punk band from Sheffield) playing at The Cowley Club, Sheffield

Vile Spirit, Brighton.

Belgrado (post punk Barcelona) @ Freedonia

Belgrado, Barcelona.

Haram (New York punk) @ Sala Monasterio, Barcelona, 2017

Haram, Barcelona.

Nekra (london punk) @ New River Studios, London

Nekra, London.

Rata Negra (Madrid punk) @ New River Studios, London

Rata Negra, London.

Barcelona (punk) @ Rock & Trini

Barcelona, Barcelona.

Lumpy & The Dumpers (punk) @ Rock & Trini, Barcelona

Lumpy & The Dumpers, Barcelona.

Lux (punk) @ Sala Monasterio

Lux, Barcelona.

Exit Order (hardcore punk) @ Sala Monasterio

Exit Order, Barcelona.