I'm David Garcerán. I was born in 1994 and I live in Barcelona, Spain. I'm a photographer, editor, curator, and musician. I develop software for work. Nothing else to say.

You can check my work in this page.

You can contact me through email to admin [at] contrafotografia.com, feel free to chat with me there.

These pictures are part of my last work for the project Pandemia (2020), where I experimented at home with old chemicals and long exposures to create my diary of the quarantine.

Exhibitions and performances

  • Calavera Punks store opening exhibition (Barcelona, July 2019)
  • MDA street exhibition (Barcelona, February 2019)

Published work

  • Contrafotogafía #1 (2017)
  • Wired by Wired Press (2018)
  • Salt N Pepper #1 by Salt N Pepper Press (2018)
  • Contrafotografía #4 (2019)
  • Glossolalia by Sorcery Press (2019)
  • Contrafotografía #5, Especial Semana Santa (2019)
  • Maximum Rock N Roll #431 (2019)
  • Pandemia (2020) [link]


  • Opposing the ordinary: David Garcerán carries us into the world of punk (2017) [link]
  • Fotos Punk (2018) [link]
  • El (contra)fotógrafo analógico del Punk (2018) [link]
  • Contrafotografía. Un fotozine muy punk (2018) [link]
  • Photographer Spotlight: D. Garcerán (2019) [link]